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What does the Lifetime Warranty cover?Updated a month ago

    • Because all of our gear is made in America and designed to be repaired, we'll repair your gear for life. Typically we're able to reuse the hardware pieces and just replace the damaged rope or webbing, but if we can't reuse the parts we'll replace whatever is damaged. Even if your pup chews through it again, we'll repair it for life as long as you send it in. 

  • Although we have an incredibly lenient returns policy, there are a few rules we don't make exceptions for after the 30-day return period is over:
    • No refunds or exchanges, even for unused items
    • No size or color changes unless the original option was discontinued
    • All repairs must start with sending in your items first. 

  • We'll repair the gear for free and cover shipping to send it back to you, but you'll have to pay for postage to send it in. We recommend using the smallest package possible to keep it under 16 ounces, and mailing it First Class Mail via Items are repaired in the order they're received, but if you're a local you can cut the line by dropping it off in person. 

  • You can start your repair here.
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